Peters Surgical USA is the proud exclusive distributor of the Geister Medizintechnik open and minimally invasive instrumentation and accessories in the United States.


The partnership between Peters Surgical and Geister® in the United States has been strong for several decades now. Complimentary products such as the Cygnet Cross Clamp and the ValveGate brand MIS instrumentation have been the foundation of this successful relationship. 


Quality products and superior service have been the foundation of our success in the United States.

GEISTER MEDIZINTECHNIK GMBH – founded in 1984 – is a manufacturer and system supplier of surgical instruments for conventional open and minimal invasive (keyhole) surgery with focus on cardiovascular, 

neuro-, joint and powered surgery

Located in Tuttlingen in Southwest-Germany – famous capital of the surgical industry worldwide. We are dedicated to servicing and supplying the surgical world with the highest quality instruments according to the specific requirements and helping the medical professionals with their patient care in every part in the world. 

Quality with the best German workmanship is a global commitment for us. Our aim is to develop technical innovations for evolving, more patient friendly minimally invasive surgical procedures that yet can maintain or even exceed the long term results of proven conventional procedures.

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Our owner managed family business is one of the leading German manufacturers for surgical instruments and accessories. With a considerable experience – our founder has been in this field since 1966 – in the manufacturing of delicate and highly precise surgical instrumentation, we supply a range of more than 10 000 quality products for operative surgery, distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide. Purpose-oriented innovation, skilled craftsmanship and tradition, technological competence and measurable quality stand behind every surgical instrument.

Maximum responsiveness, quality, service and innovation, makes us a preferred partner for the surgical professional worldwide and keeps us on the cutting edge of the surgical instrument industry. We do not strive to sell the largest number of surgical instruments, but always the finest.

Please visit the Geister® website at and let us know if there is anything we can help you with.